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Seeding Chaos
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Operation Rapid Kill: Seeding Chaos.



Mission Briefing:

            US Special Operations Command has been called upon to assist in quelling the illegal arms trafficking of an organization known as the Sesseri Syndicate. Based in Albania, the group operates through an array of distribution networks stretching from London to Cairo. Their recent smuggling of volatile radioactive materials has sparked great concern in the United States and European Union. This has prompted America and its allies to take extended measures to ensure the syndicate’s activities do not pass catastrophically potent weapons into the wrong hands. The SEALs have been given the go ahead from SOCOM to take out the Sesseri Syndicate, beginning with targeting their weapon supply caches. Out European allies will be watching, so show them how it’s done.


Seeding Chaos Mission Objectives:

1.      Rendezvous with informant.

2.      Recon enemy patrols.

3.      Destroy enemy contraband.

4.      Move to extract.



1.         It’s usually best to stay silent so keep your teams weapons as M4A1 SDs. Also make sure you have flash bangs those always come in handy. When your team lands at their drop off you will be to the left of a road. Cross the road and wait in the grass for your team to catch up. If you want your team to kill enemies when they see them be sure to tell them to fire at will (circle-circle-fire at will). Move forward, when you get ahead to a group of trees you will see two guards on the road ahead. It shouldn’t take long for the rest of your team to notice them as well and kill them (if you have it on fire at will). Up ahead there will be a log and then some ruins ahead of the log, there is a man patrolling this area to stay low, if your team see them they will be eliminated. Stick to the wall on the left. When you get ahead two men will come up stairs, remember this because they spot you easily and set an alarm. After those two are dead move ahead and you will see a big ruin that looks like a church, Mallard is in there.

2.         Go back out and head east (towards the star) but continue to stick to the left wall. You will get ahead to some more ruins, there is a guard in there that you should be able to snipe with your M4A1 SD and if you cant your team will for you. There is a sniper rifle leaning on a little wall on the left of these ruins if you want it. Move out of the ruins through the pillars, there is a guard on the bridge and when you kill him another runs through. Kill them both and head under the bridge. Stick to the right and keep going up the path until you get to the road. There will be a guard to the left of you, take him out; there is also a guy in the bunker across the road. Get to the bunker and kill the guard in it. Take the sniper rifle and go to the ridge 10 feet past the bunker and snipe the guy in the church. If you have alerted them some guards will rush down the road but your team will take them out. Head back to the left side of the road and go up the stairs.

3.                  Move up into the church. Stay in the first room until your team catches up. Go up the stairs and when you get to the top of the stairs don’t go past the wall. There are to guards. Through a flash bang in at them. One will surrender the other one may not so kill the one that shoots at you. Go into the room to the right and look out the window. There are 4 guards you can see. One on the road to the left. One in the gas station. One on the far side of the bridge. And one on the right to the right of the long building. Head out of there and head towards the building on the left. Go in the door, your probably low on ammo so grab the 12 Gauge Pump on the wall. Head into the next room and up the stairs. Make sure you stay under the low wall. When you get to the top you might hear the conversation, which is a bonus objective. Once it’s done through flash bangs in there until they start screaming. After their done screaming head in, but be ready to shoot if they haven’t surrendered. The guy in the fur coat is the Foreman that you want to capture. If you head in and he hasn’t surrendered your team will flash bang him and he will. Remember to tell him to follow by looking at him and selecting the “follow” option. Head down the stairs and out the front door. To the left is the gas station, head in there and plant the satchel. Head down the gully don’t go across the bridge. Head into the big warehouse. There is a guard to the right and one in the back; you don’t need to go up the ladder because there’s nothing up there except a dead 9mm sniper.

4.                  Head back towards the gas station. Head up the road that’s going up hill. Stop at the X. Mission Complete.


Mission Debriefing:

            With the destruction of the terrorist contraband, we have dealt our first critical blow to the syndicate. SOCOM is extremely pleased with the great success of our first operation in the region. Don’t get overconfident on me though. We’re sending you right back out there for a follow-up mission to collect additional intelligence on the syndicate. Two British SAS operators have been flown in to assist you, but I’ll provide all the details on that at your next briefing.



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