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Terminal Transaction
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Operation Rapid Kill: Terminal Transaction.



Mission Briefing:

            Your successful demolition of terrorist supplies has severely disrupted the Sesseri Syndicate’s operations. However, as long as the group’s leadership remains at large, they are still a threat. SOCOM now wants to focus on gathering some additional Intel on the group so that the leadership can be located and taken out. British SAS operators, callsigns SABRE and REAVER, have been flown in to assist in the remainder of the operations by substituting for Bravo Element. Command has no doubts as to your team’s ability to handle the operation, but apparently it’s political courtesy to allow some of our European counterparts to participate in the fun. Being as they’re SAS, I’m sure they’ll have no problems carrying their own weight.


Terminal Transaction Mission Objectives:

1.      Locate guard post.

2.      Secure factory complex.

3.      Gather Intel.

4.      Move to extract.



1.         Once again it’s probably a smart thing to stick to silence. Make sure your team is carrying M4A1 SDs. Also be sure you have 2x Ammo and Flash bangs. Set your team to fire at will again. Move to the end of the train and stop at the end. You will see two guards talking, shoot him in the head with your scope and then kill the other guy when he freaks out. Look over to the right and there’s the guard post.

2/3.      Take out the guard on top of the little tower and head towards it. There's nothing in here it just acts like a checkpoint. Leave this and head left until you get to the fenced platform. Get to the top and head up the left side of the wall of trains. Ahead there's a pile of junk; watch out there's a guy behind it. Keep heading west hugging the left wall until you get to propane tanks. There is a guy off in the grass so try and snipe him with your M4A1 SD. Head right from the tanks and you will find a hole with pipes in them. Head into the open one. At the end of the tunnel there is a cutscene. Head up the stairs and into the grass, someone with a SASR will see you. Your team will take him out. Head around the building to the left. Around the corner of it there are two guys. Kill them and move on, hugging the wall. There is another guard at the end of the wall. After he is dead head around the corner and there is a guy standing next to the stack of barrels. Take him out and the look across the road to find another guard shooting at you. Head into the building at the top of the ramp and into the room on the right. There is a guy in there. Kill him and grab the book on the table. Go into the big room and head up the stairs. There is a guard at the top of the stairs, a guy who will come from another room, and a guy outside the window. After there all dead go around the corner and watch the room on the right. There are two guards in there. After they’re taken care of head into the left room and grab the training film on the table. Go back out and across the bridge. In the warehouse head right from where you enter from the bridge. Down the wall there is a door with some guards in it. In the second door there are 2 M63As. Take them if you like machine guns. Head up the ladder. This part is tricky. There's a guy on the catwalk just ahead. Try to kill him. Most likely everyone hears you and they start shooting you down. There are guys in the room that’s behind you when you’re at the top of the ladder. Once you’ve got them all head into that room via catwalk and grab the digital camera on the desk. Now all the Intel has been collected. All that’s left to do is secure the warehouse complex. Kill everyone. Go back out on the catwalk and take a left, then at the end a right, then at the other end another right. There is a guy sitting on the catwalk. Eliminate him. Now back up and head out the door. At the bottom of the stairs outside there is a guard. Kill him. Then turn around and stand at the end of the platform. There are two guards off in the distance.

5.                  Snipe them out and head towards their dead bodies, which’s the extraction. Watch out there are still guards all around. One around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, one around the corner while heading towards extraction. At the end of the road plant a C4 on the big door. Run away from it and watch the cutscene. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Smooth mission team; you obtained just the kind of intel we were looking for. Now that we have established the whereabouts of the Sesseri leadership, we are poised to make a final strike to take them out. By now they are without a doubt making plans to flee the country, so we will have to move quickly to ensure we get them in time.



ęCopyright Matt T.

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