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Upland Assault
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Operation Rapid Kill: Upland Assault.



Mission Briefing:

            With their backs against the wall, the Sesseri Syndicate is likely making plans to flee the region before SOCOM intercepts them. Unfortunately fir the Syndicate, they won’t get that opportunity. Intel has confirmed the location of the Syndicate’s leadership; they are hiding out in the remains of the Sesseri family castle situated in the mountains. SOCOM’s quick operational planning should land your fireteam there before any of the group has a chance to escape,


Upland Assault Mission Objectives:

1.      Neutralize or capture syndicate leadership.

2.      Move to extract.



1.         Again keep your team with the M4A1 SD, also make sure they all have flash bangs because there are people to be captured. First be sure you have your team set to fire at will. Then back up a little and head up the left side. When you get up a little ways there is a guard patrolling the road. You can snipe him with your M4A1 SD. After that keep moving up. Keep towards the left. When you get to a wall climb over it on the far left. As soon as you get up shoot the guy on the road in the head. After a second or two a guy runs down the road. He’s the Aide de camp guy so either kill or capture him. Move up towards the castle, once you get to the parking area there are two guards, take them out. Move to the front door and wait for your team to get behind you. Either a Sesseri host will open the door or you will have to. One you open the door, be ready to shoot because there are a few guards inside. Once inside head right and through the room with the rolled carpet on the table and take a right out the door. Head up the stairs and into the next room to a cutscene. Pius goes into the door on the right and Castrioti Sesseri goes in the door on the left. Head out the door on the right. You need to take out Pius first because he’s the only one with an escape route. There are two men on the balcony when you open the door. Hurry and kill them then jump over the left wall of the balcony, Pius is down there. Don’t let him run away. Capture or kill him which ever is easier. After he has been neutralized head back into the main room then into the left door, Castrioti Sesseri is in here packing up to go somewhere. Your not going to let him… are you?

2.                  Head back down the stairs and out the door on the right. Then down the stairs. Then through the door behind the stairs. The door leading out is in that room. Leave this place; there should be nothing to worry about now if you took care of everyone before. So head down the road. The extraction is right past the gate. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Well done team. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. You crushed the Syndicate with relative ease. Hopefully this will send a clear message to other terrorist-affiliated groups that world peace is inevitable. Those that endanger the innocent will be taken out of the equation.



Copyright Matt T.

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