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Urban Sweep
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Operation Good Neighbors: Urban Sweep.


Mission Briefing:

America’s staunchest ally in South America, Brazil has contacted the U.S. for assistance. A separatist group calling themselves the RAFB, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil, is intent on destabilizing the government there. The RAFB’s operations focus primarily on terrorist acts against the government targets and are financed by illegal drug trade. Opting to stand by their ally, US politicians have pledged their full support by lending operational assistance from SOCOM. Your fire team is being deployed to the region to assist the Brazilian government in gathering Intel on the RAFB and, if necessary, potentially neutralizing their operational capabilities.


Urban Sweep Mission Objectives:

1.      Rendezvous with informant.

2.      Restrain RAFB cell leader.

3.      Extract with cell leader.



1.         Grab you and your team some M4A1 SDs and flash bangs for this mission. It’d probably be a good idea to get a Mark 23 SD instead of the 9mm too. When you first start out you are on top of a roof. Move towards the ladder and go into your scope. A guard will walk past the gate, kill him. After he’s dead move to the right and open the doors and move down to the street. Go around the left corner and down the wall. At the next corner there is a guard under a covered area to the right. Then keeps heading north then take a left at the next road. Then at the end of this road take a right into the trench. At the other end of the trench there will be a guard standing on the platform just ahead. Try and take him out without him seeing you. Go up the alleyway straight ahead and you will over hear a guard talking to a man named Lucas. Jump out from the wall and kill the guard. Remember not to kill the civilians! Head up the right road, at the end of the road there will be a guard with a shotgun around the corner. Now there is a gate you can go through to get to the informant. Open the door and head into the room on the right to reveal a cutscene. Head back down the stairs and into the open door across the street. There will be a guard at the top of these stairs. Try not to make her squeal because the people in the next room will hear you. The informant is in the room on the right. There are also two guards in there with him. Try and open the door and throw a flash bang in there before they can shoot you. If your unlucky there will be a guard right next to the door, one has a 9mm sub and the other has a 12 Gauge Pump. The informant will run away, follow him. Around the first corner into the next street there is a truck, watch the building straight ahead of it because the window open and guards try to shoot you down. If you cant see them throw some well-placed frags into the windows. Either these will kill them or they will run to the window and your team will eliminate them. Head into the building just ahead and to the right of the truck and the informant is in the back.

2.         Head out of there and take a right out the door, at the end of the road there is another road that is now opened to the right. At the end of this road keep behind the Dumpster. There is a guard coming towards you and two guards at the end of this field. There is also a guard sitting on a platform above and to the right. Once everyone is dead head down the field, there will be an opening to the right, go in there and climb the Dumpster into the house. Throw a grenade or a flash bang up the stairs. Run up because they won’t surrender, after you take them out there is a guard outside on the platform. Climb down both ladders and wait in the grass for your team. Head out the opening and head across the street and behind the low fence to the left. Try and snipe the enemies. There are two in the road and one sniping on a rood to the right. Head up this road and into the alley on the left. Follow the alley until you see a building with a flashing streetlight. Snipe the guard on the roof platform and move forward. Stop near the top of the stairs that are going up. Stay below the wall and jump out and kill the guard ahead of you. Move forward down the alley that the guard was near. There is a building just ahead on the right, go in there and climb up to the second story by climbing the pile of dirt. You will overhear the secret meeting up here. After that head out the door, across the balcony and into the next building. Down these stairs and out the door. Follow the path the weaves around the houses until you get to the docks. Across the cock there is a door covered in vines. Head through here. To the right of the room there is a flight of stairs Throw a flash bang into the next room and rush in there and kill the two guards. The cell leader is in the back left room down the hallway. Throw some flash bangs in there, if your empty point your crosshairs at the room and instruct your team to throw one (circle-circle-deploy-bang). Move in there and restrain the guards. The one with the camo hat is the cell leader. Instruct her to follow by looking at her and selecting “Follow”.

3.                  Head out the same way you gut in. After you get past all the shacks you will see that the door into the building out is boarded up. Head left until you get to the road. Head all the way up the road. Sometimes there are various guards on the roads. Up ahead you will see the angel, head past it and go to the back left corner. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Team, you did a fine job infiltrating the target area and securing the RAFB cell leader. The Brazilian government is extremely pleased that there was a minimum loss of civilian life and they have requested that the Seals continue operating in their country until the RAFB’s operational capabilities are neutralized.



Copyright Matt T.

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