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Operation Good Neighbors: Stranglehold.



Mission Briefing:

                 The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil finance their operations through the harvesting, processing, and trafficking of cocaine. Recent attempts by the Brazilian government to suppress these activities have proved fruitless. However, through interrogation of the RAFB cell leader you captured, we have acquired the coordinates of a key RAFB cocaine processing facility. Your team is being sent in to terminate terrorist activity at this drug lab, a takedown that will curtail the RAFB’s financial resources.


Stranglehold Mission Objectives:

1.      Intercept radio frequency.

2.      Locate lab site.

3.      Demolish drug lab.

4.      Neutralize plane.

5.      Move to extract.



1.                 Make sure you have the two <NONE> slots left in your armory. There is an RPG you will NEED at the end of the mission. Also keep your M4A1 SD. Set your team to fire at will. Move right to the wall and when you get up to a patch of grass where you can see a building, stick low to be sure that the guards don’t see you. Take everyone out and move to the shack. Be sure that you don’t let any of the guards see you. If they do then a helicopter will come towards you. Head into the shack and take the radio frequency from the desk. Make sure you don’t shoot the machine because you won’t be able to get the frequency.

2.                 Head out and cross the bridge. Stick the left wall now and when you get to a corner in the mountain a guard will run down the path. Don’t let him see you. Continue to stick to the wall. Head down the crevice. At the end get into the grass near the wall. Make sure the watchtowers don’t see you because the guards in them shoot grenades at you. Snipe the man in the watchtower and head to the base of it. From there move up the hill to another shack. There will be either one or two guards in there. Take them out. Head up the hill just ahead of the shack. There is a little path at the top. Follow the path until you get to a hole in the ground, that’s the ladder that will take you to the drug lab.

3.              Turn out the lights with the switch to the left of the ladder. Head to the hallways and stop at the beginning of it. Try and kill as many people as you can see from that point. You will know when they are dead because you completed the “prevent enemies from escaping” objective. Now head to the stacks of barrels. Go into the room behind them and grab the RPG in the back right corner. After that head to the back right corner of the base, there should be a switch, it opens a door. You’ll want that opened for an easy exit. Now go back to the barrels, look at them and instruct your team to plant the satchel (circle-circle-deploy-satchel). Now get the hell out of there. Run out the door and get as far away as possible. It will explode in about 30-60 seconds.

4.                 There a little pond just ahead of the door you got out from, meet your team there. After they're in place head up the hill next to the pond. Head to the shack at the top of the hill and clear it of any enemies. Head around the weird looking fence and take a right at the end of it. Move to the end of the cliff and take out your RPG. Aim carefully because if you miss the plane you have to go down there and plant a satchel.

5.                 When you’ve taken out the plane turn around and take the path to the left down to the bottom. There are now several enemies and most likely a helicopter. Head across the field to the back wall behind the plane. Follow this wall until you get to a canyon. Head down here until you’re directly under a bridge. Have your team deploy a red smoke. The helicopter will see it and head to extract you. Now you just have to hold off and followers. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

                 Thanks to the success of your mission, the RAFB’s financial infrastructure has been crippled. By targeting the source of their funding, we have also limited their strike potential. However, the fight isn’t over just yet. We must keep the pressure on them.



Copyright Matt T.

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