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Operation Good Neighbors: Hydroelectric



Mission Briefing:

            Despite American and Brazilian efforts to dismantle the RAFB and prevent it from inflicting any serious damage, the terrorists have still managed to assemble the resources and manpower to initiate a takeover of the Grand Parana Dam in Brazil. Details about the terrorist operation emerged after the leader of the group appeared on local television with a list of demands for the Brazilian government. Intel has confirmed through satellite surveillance that the terrorists have indeed seized the dam.


Hydroelectric Mission Objectives:

1.      Infiltrate dam.

2.      Disarm all explosives.

3.      Eliminate terrorist leadership.

4.      Secure dam.



1.         Make sure your whole team has an M4A1 SD, but grab yourself an SR-25-SD, you can just pick up an enemy gun if you need to. When you start remember to set your team to fire at will. Move ahead to the tower and wait there. There’s a guard just ahead of there. Take him out. Now turn to the top of the building to the left. Not the one with the turbines. Snipe the guards that are up there. Turn to the road heading into that building and look at the guards patrolling. HQ will tell you that the recon was successful. Now you can take them out. Head around sticking to the right wall. Make your way around the corner and go down the next wall. HQ will tell you that you need to stay clear of the patrol, but if you took out the guards on the roof and the ones patrolling the road you don’t have to worry. When you get to the fence move over a little bit and look at the little building. Shoot the camera that’s on the side of it. Now head across the road. There is a door at the end that you need to go into. Follow the hallway but don’t go into the next room. Peek around the corner and shoot the camera that’s on the corner. Now move to the back of the room and up the stairs. Open the door and head through. There is an opened door ahead now throw a couple of flash bangs in to make is easier. Move into the next room and kill the guard in there. Then head out the back door. Head down the stairs and move to the small building, you shouldn’t have to worry about being spotted on camera if you already took care of it. Go in the door.

2,3,4.   Head down the stairs, around the generators and down the next flight of stairs, there is a guard waiting here. Try to get a good view of the big room to the left and snipe everyone you can see. Move around on the catwalk to try to get everyone down there. Now head down to the south end and into the room. Here are some dam workers you need to restrain. Move back to where you first got into this area and go down the stairs to the bottom level. There's a bomb next to one of the tanks on the south end. Get it defused then head to the hallway just past it. Head down there and eliminate everyone. Quixada Christo, the RAFB’s leader, is either in this room or a room connected to it. Don’t try to capture her because she can only be killed. Move to the next hallway (the one without glass doors) head down here. There is a guard just around the corner. Make your way through the room killing all enemies. Watch for the triggerman. He will be in this area. There is a room with a bomb in it at the north end of this room. Take care of it and head back to the room. There are stairs past the next wall of computers head up there. Once at the top head right and to the next hallway. In the first room there are Dam Technicians that need to be secured. Watch out for the guards though they will be sneaking up behind you. In the back room there is the third and final bomb. If both technicians aren’t in that room there is another small room across from the hall you just left. Secure him. Now you have to make your way around to make sure you killed everyone. Once all terrorists are eliminated the mission is over. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            That was a close call team. The RAFB nearly got away with one. Brazilian authorities have confirmed that the remainder of the terrorist group has disbanded, apparently no longer motivated to operate after the loss of their charismatic leader and monetary backing. The Brazilian officials in the ops center extend their thanks for helping to ensure political stability in their country. Once again, good job team!



Copyright Matt T.

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