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Guardian Angels
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Operation Keeping Faith: Guardian Angels.



Mission Briefing:

            Gentlemen, we have a grim situation developing in Algeria. The Algerian Patriotic Front, a group of violent separatists, has initiated a military coup and is systematically expunging all opposition and outsiders. Pockets of humanitarian aid workers, peacekeepers, and Americans at the US Embassy are now trapped in the city of Bejaia. The Americans are already being safely evacuated from the Embassy, but the aid workers and peacekeepers are trapped in areas currently engulfed in heavy fighting. No chances are being taken with the lives of these people. SOCOM is sending in the Seals to ensure that all friendlies are escorted safely to a neutral zone until they can eventually depart the country altogether.


Guardian Angels Mission Objectives:

1. Locate aid workers.

2. Escort aid workers to neutral zone.



1.         Once again be sure that you and your team have M4A1 Sds. When you first start off on the beach command your team to fire at will. Move ahead and stop where the fencing starts. Look through it with your scope and take out the guy walking up the hill. Try to be silent about it because there is another up in the middle window/opening. Keep heading along the wall and when you see a dock up ahead get into your scope and kill the guard on the dock. Move ahead and go up the stairs on the other side of the dock. Move around the netting and through the alley to see a couple of guards talking. Move into the room slowly and try to hit the first guy in the head. Then rush out and get the second. Move through the blown opening in the wall. To the left there is a platform with a guard on the RMG. Eliminate him. The tank comes down the road so watch out. Its only equipped with an M63A. Move down the road until you get to a low fence, behind the fence is a flight of stairs. The CHA worker is down there. Be sure that you instruct him to follow.

2.         Now move ahead into the ally across from the stairs. Make sure you don’t go down the road. Follow these stairs until you get to a guard. Kill the guard and take a left down the ally you found him near. Follow this until you get to a building you can take a right into. Move up the stairs in this building and kill the guard looking out the window. Look out these windows and try to snipe as many guards as you can. Move down into that courtyard and into the ally to the south. Follow these until you get to a fork, you will have to kill two guards at this fork also. Take a right and follow the path until you get to another fork, take another right. Look out from this opening and try to kill any guards before you move out there. There will be a guard down the ally on the left and one will open a window. After they’re all gone take the alley to the right. Follow this until there is a big opening. Peek around the corner and try to kill the guards around this area, there are several. When everyone’s dead head across the street to the bench on the left. Follow this wall on the left and head through the little building. There is a guard just ahead. Kill him and head for the rubble just ahead. Get a clear view of the big building ahead. Take out the Designator and point it at the building. A meter will appear on the right of the screen; you will be done when it’s full. Make sure you have your team protecting the CHA worker. One Skytops destroys the building move ahead. Watch out there are a few guards waiting for you. Once all the guards have been eliminated move ahead down the street to extraction. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Good work bringing back that sole surviving humanitarian aid worker. He surely would have been killed by the separatists has he been left behind. Unfortunately, there are still more allies caught out in the field that also require our assistance. Let’s not waste any time in getting them out.



ęCopyright Matt T.

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