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Protect And Serve
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Operation Keeping Faith: Protect And Serve.



Mission Briefing:

            The forces of General Mahmood’s Army continue to lay siege to the city of Bejaia and it’s only a matter of time before the city falls completely under the control of this ruthless leader. SOCOM is using every asset in its arsenal to ensure all Embassy staff and American tourists are safely extracted from the city. The heavily equipped troops of the General have utilized Soviet made armor to spearhead their attacks and anti-aircraft systems to prevent any American air support from intervening. Because of this, your SEAL team is being sent in on foot to rescue the remainder of the peacekeeper troops and to neutralize any heavy weapon assets you encounter. The situation in Bejaia is ugly, and from the looks of things, it’s only going to get uglier.


Protect And Serve Mission Objectives:

1.      Rescue CHA personnel.

2.      Neutralize enemy armor.



1,2:      Get everyone an M4A1 SD once again. The AT-4 is locked because you will need it to take out a tank. Remember to instruct your team to fire at will. Head up and take a right where you first get the choice. At the opening peek around the corner and try to stealthily take out the guards. After that prone down and try to snipe as many people as possible. The objective is to take it out silently so try and do that. Once the marketplace has been secured head up the right wall and into the ally. There will be a guard up here so watch out. When you get to the end you are at a fence, go to the second part of it and take out your AT-4. Make sure you aim it carefully and you don’t hit the side of the fence, you must hit the tank when it rolls by. Once the tank is gone move ahead to the left side of the fence. This area is heavily patrolled so watch out. It would probably be easiest to try and scan the area. There are also several snipers. Your goal is to get to the building ahead; the CHA worker is in there. All you have to do is see him then you can move on. Go outside and along the outside of the fence on the left. Go against the wall looking into the next section of the road and try to take out the sniper. Move down and into the ally on the near the end of the street. Now follow this ally. There will be several guards running past you either kill them or follow them and kill them. They go up to a higher position where you can get a better view of the area. If you have run out of ammo you can grab someone’s gun. Now you must secure this area. Don’t go for the CHA worker until there are no more enemies. Once you have killed as many as possible from the building balcony you were just on move down. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs. There are two guards around the corner. Now move through the tunnel on the left. There is a guard in this part of the courtyard also. Continue to move around the courtyard staying near this wall. There are many snipers watching this area so watch out. Once everyone is eliminated the CHA worker is near the center by the wrecked bus and car. He won’t go anywhere until the enemy armor has been destroyed. So move to the back of the tank like thing and instruct your team to deploy satchel. This takes a few trys, I found it easiest to prone at the back and then tell them to do it. Wait for the cut scene of Skytops taking out the other tank. Now you can instruct the CHA worker to pull out by pressing circle-selecting soldier-pull out. Now head back to the other CHA worker that you found first. He must be evacuated like the other one. When he gets out of there you’re done. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            I’m glad you made it out of that one Team. Unfortunately, there’s no time to celebrate. As I speak, the remaining sectors of the city continue to fall to General Mahmood and his troops. Soon they will close in on the city quarter that is home to the US Embassy and we have not yet accounted for all of the Americans there. Looks like you may be needed to run interference again. Keep your boots on.



ęCopyright Matt T.

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