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Against The Tide
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Operation Keeping Faith: Against The Tide.



Mission Briefing:

            Team, your performance has been outstanding thus far in this operation. However, no matter how hard we try, we can’t stop the APF onslaught. General Mahmood’s Army is far to strong for out limited forces to counter their actions. The best we can hope for is to get all of out people out safely. We have however hit a serious snag. Mahmood’s forces have closed on the American Embassy much faster that anticipated and though choppers continue to ferry staff out of there, the Embassy’s security forces will surely soon be overwhelmed by the contingents of enemy soldiers. We need you to get in there and hold back the enemy for as long as it takes us to evacuate every last American.


Against The Tide Mission Objectives:

1.      Reach US Embassy.

2.      Defend Embassy.

3.      Extract with Embassy staff.



1.         Again be sure you all have an M4A1 SD and that you set your team to fire at will. Run over and hide behind the wall behind the dead guard. Look ahead to see another walking across the road. Take him out then move ahead into the ally to the right. At the end of the ally are two guards. Kill them then move to the end of the road, there will be another guard around this area. Now there are many guards to the left so take some out then run to the right. There will also be a guard on the right. Move to the end of this road and take a left into the opening then down into the parking garage. There will be two guards down here. Take them out then go to the door and plant a C4 on it.

2,3.      Keep going straight in this hallway then take a right at the end. You are not in a generator room. Go out the door to the left and follow these stairs. Move around this room over the ammo to get full ammo. Now move up the stairs to the left of the room, make sure your team isn’t following you and go to the table and take the paper, then plant a C4 on the machine sitting on the table. Now move back out and go through the door and when you get to the bigger room take a left to find the first worker. Restrain him then move around to the other side of the room and down a hallway to find the second worker. After you’ve got her take both of the workers and head up the stairs that are to the right. Go up to the roof and put the workers in the back corner of the platform. Have them hold their positions then go to the top of the stairs. Hold your team there. Make sure they are ready to fire at will because for the next 9 minutes you will be slaughtering enemies that rush up the stairs. Position yourself at the left side of it, overlooking the stairs below. When you run out of ammo you can hurry down and take some from the guards so you shouldn’t have to worry about shortages. Now for the next 9 minutes you will be killing everyone that comes up the stairs so pay attention. Make sure you keep some bullets in your M4A1 SD when you trade it for an AK-47, you will need it to take out snipers. When you have about 1 minute left snipers will appear on surrounding buildings. Take you M4A1 SD back and head out with Jester and take them out. You won’t be able to extract without them taken care of. Take them all out and by then there shouldn’t be much time left. Leave the rest of the enemies to Wardog and Vandal and you can take jester and sit with the hostages. Deploy 2 Red Smokes, don’t get trigger happy with them because if you run out then you fail your mission. If Skytops doesn’t see it after the first two die throw another then run around the perimeter of the roof. If you get shot at with a sniper it means there’s one still alive so take him out to. When Skytops comes you are done. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Congratulations on another successful mission. Though tension was high, we never doubted you. You will be happy to know that your deployment in Algeria is over. The last of the U.S. citizens in the area were able to escape thanks to your assistance. Our government will continue to monitor the situation in the region but will not commit to a prolonged conflict against General Mahmood at this time. Hopefully the country can pull itself back together and overthrow its new dictator without our assistance. Time will tell. I would also like to extend a personal thanks from the Central Command for your retrieval of the sensitive documents out of the embassy. Your extra efforts have not gone unnoticed.



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