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Operation Stormcloud: Lockdown.



Mission Briefing:

            Our intelligence sources in Eastern Europe have send word of alarming terrorist activity in Kamchatka. This activity is attributed to an organization known as Force Majeure, at times also referred to as the Global Liberation Front. Hate is an operative word for this group of ex-pat Russians, Chinese, and Europeans. They attribute the demise of the Soviet Union entirely to policy and view our country as a threat to their world order. Supplied by black market groups such as the defunct Sesseri Syndicate, their full strike potential is assumed deadly and extensive. We must discover if Force Majeure is planning an attack against the US and how advanced their strike capabilities are. Sounds just like your line of work.


Lockdown Mission Objectives:

1.      Locate fabrication lab.

2.      Dismantle the nuclear devices.


1.         You should know the usual by now, get everyone an M4A1 SD except you, grab an SR-25-SD. Instruct your team to be ready to fire at will. Move ahead to the little hill and snipe the three guards around the truck. If one runs off chase him down and kill him quickly, he is calling for help if he gets away. Now move up to the front of the truck and go up to the hill beyond the radio tower, its overlooking the hut to the left, don’t shoot the guard. HQ will come in and say that they’re beginning recon; you can snipe the guard when the recon is complete. Now look to the right and snipe the guy in the head so he doesn’t make any commotion. Now move right to the end of the fence where three’s an opening in the fence. Look up ahead in your sniper and find the sniper on the balcony and take him out so he doesn’t see you. Keep moving along this wall silently killing anyone you see. Up ahead there’s an ally to the left between two buildings, there is a guard standing there. Make sure you don’t catch him when he’s on the radio, for obvious reasons. You don’t want the alarm triggered. Eventually it will be unless you’re a pro at being stealth. When it does grab someone else’s gun, like an AK-105. When your ready move to the building labeled C. The C isn’t on the map it’s on the building next to the door. There are two guards in here you will want to take out. Once they are dead move to the door on the side and head down the stairs. There are a lot of guards down here so it’s easiest to head to the left and work your way around, head down. At the bottom of the other stairs is a switch, which will shut off the alarm, so turn it off. Now head into the tent looking thing and you have located the fabrication lab, you have to move to the back of it for it to see you’re in there.

2.         Now you have to wait to be able to destroy the lab. So you can look around this building and find some intel. Once you have the one in the office head outside. There is basically a piece of intel in every building so try to get them all. There are most likely still guards around the place so watch for them, there are also snipers in the crane towers. Also take note that if you shoot the barrels some blow up so don’t take your chances. Eventually HQ will call you back and say you can plant the bomb. So go to the bomb building and have your team wait outside. Make sure Jester doesn’t start following you! Head back down and plant the bomb in the tent area. Run out and when you get outside have your team follow you and get as far away as you can before it blows. Now all that’s left to do is eliminate all enemies and get the hell out of there. Even if you already did kill them all more will come out of no where. When everyone has been taken out its time to extract. Its not marked on the map so head towards the building with the big plane in it and head out behind it on the ice. There might be a star on your map marking in. There's a spot that looks like water or dark ice. That’s the extraction. Mission Completed.


Mission Debriefing:

            Unfortunately, that mission didn’t go unfold quite as we had wanted. Hopefully the terrorists haven’t secured all of the necessary materials to make the bomb or our backs will really be against the wall.



ęCopyright Matt T.

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