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Guided Tour
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Operation Stormcloud: Guided Tour


Mission Briefing:

            The Russian Security Service has just discovered another of Force Majeure’s clandestine operations. A recent radiation spill at a uranium processing plant in their country was orchestrated by Force Majeure posing as plant technicians. The spill sent hundreds of Northern Star employees home indefinitely while the supposed clean up crew de-contaminated the facility. The de-contamination crew almost certainly consists of terrorists masquerading as decon crewmembers. The RSS informs us the plant has enriched uranium cake powder stored off site. We do not know if Force Majeure has accessed this storage facility, but it is evident that our enemy is smarter than we would like. They may well have already obtained an indeterminate amount of nuclear fuel.


Guided Tour Mission Objectives:

1.      Escort Flatfoot to area 1.

2.      Escort Flatfoot to area 2.

3.      Escort Flatfoot to area 3.

4.      Extract with Flatfoot.



1.         This one takes a little more; it took me a while to get this one. So have an M4A1 SD and set your team to fire at will. When you start instruct flatfoot to follow you. Now move to the right wall and go along here until you get to the road. You will also see two guards, take them out with the help of your team. There will also be two or three guards coming from the first base, down the road. Now, if you haven’t alerted them up go up the fence right of the opening and look at the side of the little building, there’s a camera on it you need to shoot out. Now move ahead and clear the base. Once there’s no one to worry about move down into the missile silo. When you’re going down the spiral stairs head in the first door. There will be a guard right outside the door so take him out. There are also two other guards in here you have to take out. Watch the hole in the middle; make sure you don’t fall in it. Move out and head back down the stairs and into the bottom floor. There will also be many guards down here so take them out before you have flatfoot check the casks. The thing he needs to check looks like a piece of paper. Head over to it and look at it so it says “unavailable” now press circle-flatfoot-take item. This is what you will need to do in every area.

2.         He will tell you it’s filled with sand. Now move to the door on the left, Move down the hallway. You’ll know which way to go because every other way is blocked off with more casks. At the first door open it, back up a little and be ready to shoot whenever a guard walks in front of it and starts shooting. Now move in there and make sure everyone’s dead. Move in and climb up the ladder and grab the bomb blueprints on the crate. Now head back down and out the next door. Up ahead there’s another room. Two guards are in it and one comes out of the next door, making it three. Once they’re dead move ahead into the next door it’s leading into the second silo. There are three or four guards in here so take them all out before instructing flatfoot to take the item.

3.         Now that you have this you don’t have the privilege of staying underground. Move around to the door and head up the stairs. When you get to the first door hear in here. If a guy comes out of the door ahead kill him and then throw a grenade into the door. Then go check if there’s anyone left. If a guy doesn’t run out the door then throw a grenade into the door then clear it. Now move out and back up the stairs. At the very top open the door and shoot the guys that rush towards it. Make sure your pal Flatfoot doesn’t get in the way because he can do that. When no one else is coming towards the door point at the barrels and instruct Bravo team to attack to crosshairs. This will make them move to the barrels, if you were pointing at them. When it looks like they've taken everyone out move out there, naturally they didn’t take care of everyone and more will come at you so take them out. Now this is the easy part. Instruct your Bravo team to attack to echo. Follow them and if they don’t kill anyone be sure you take them out so they can’t sneak up behind you and kill Flatfoot. When you get to the next area by following Bloodshot and Polaris clears the area and then head into the warehouse on the left of the front opening in the gate, the last item is in here.

4.         When Flatfoot takes it head out of the building and have your Bravo team attack to foxtrot, which is the extraction. Follow them and watch your back. It would really suck for some straggler to come up and take out Flatfoot after all of that. When Bloodshot and Polaris say they’ve made it to the target get to them and hang around them until HQ calls in saying you’re done. Mission Complete.



Mission Debriefing:

            The situation is growing desperate. Force Majeure now possesses all of the materials necessary to create a functional dirty bomb and there is a strong possibility that one has already been constructed by them. We need to track them down before we find ourselves dealing with the aftermath of a radioactive attack on American interests or our allies.



ęCopyright Matt T.

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