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Doomsday Delivery
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Operation Stormcloud: Doomsday Delivery.



Mission Briefing:

Our intelligence sources have been working round the clock to locate Force Majeure’s dirty bomb. We now believe that members of Force Majeure and their bomb are onboard a cargo ship registered at the Bitter Moon. Their current heading takes them to the upper Western Seaboard and the port of Seattle. If Force Majeure has used the missing nuclear fuel to build a single dirty bomb, it would be the largest ever constructed. Intel indicates that the terrorists will detonate their bomb in or near the city of Seattle. The resulting fireball and seasonal off shore winds will carry the radioactive material high into the air resulting in significant fatalities, untold illness, and economic devastation. Force Majeure must be stopped at all costs.


Doomsday Delivery Mission Objectives:

1.      Secure ship’s bridge.

2.      Disable explosives.

3.      Signal all clear to sub.



1.         This is it. Hopefully the last time you have to get everyone an M4A1 SD. Then as you have probably already guessed, instruct your team to fire at will. When you first start out there is a guard straight ahead. Take him out silently then move along the hallway he was in. Move to the end; notice you are timed so pay attention to that. At the end of the hallway stick to the right wall and you will hear an interesting conversation! Wow that was unexpected. If you didn’t hear it two guards are talking about how the Sesseri Syndicate and other terrorist activity was a set up by them to buy time, I don’t think these others were any of the other ones in this game. Now move around and take out the two guards. Move up the stairs and look out behind you, there are two people shooting at you. One is Valeska and the other is most likely her bodyguard. Take them both out; don’t try to capture her because it won’t work. Now move down into the bottom room thing and in the back of it is a flight of stairs. Follow these up and when you get to a floor where there is a door in front of you go inside and clear it out. There is also a guy when you follow along the catwalk. Now move up and at the very top there is a guy behind the stairs. Open this door ahead and wait for the guards to come to you. Usually all but one will come to it so when none are coming rush in and kill the remainder. Go up to the steering wheel and turn it.

2.         Now head back out and go down to the bottom floor. Behind the stairs there is a door. Head in the door and down the stairs. There should be a guard under the second flight of stairs and then the rest of the guards are scattered in different places. At the bottom of the next flight there is a guard and then another flight of stairs going down just ahead of the last one. Kill the guard and head down. Take the first right and go into the door on your right. Kill the guards in here then move farther in through the next doors. Kill the guards in this room then move up the stairs on the left and there is a bomb here. Defuse it then head out the way you came. The next room is just ahead labeled “2”. There are 2 bombs in here so find one and have Jester defuse it, then find the other one and u defuse it. This way it saves time because you never know which ones a fake. Once you have the real one in hear head out of this room. There’s a door separating the two areas so go through here and into the next room labeled “1”. Find the bombs in here the same way you did in the last one. Once you have them in here move out and to the next room. It will be labeled “3”. Get the one in here. Watch out for guards coming on the balconies. If you haven’t got all of them head back, all the way down the hall and to the third floor up from the bottom. There are doors on either side of the stairs that lead into this room. Go through the room with the white machine to the next room. The bomb is behind the machine.

3.         Head up to the surface level. From here go down the hallway you started from, if you go on the floor where all the cargo is you will have to face more guards. Stick down here to the end and when you get there go up the stairs. Watch out there is a sniper in the crow’s nest you will need to take out. When he’s dead move into the room below the crows next. There is a guard in here guarding the ladder. Kill him and climb the ladder. At the top take out your red smoke and throw it, but make sure it will land on the platform your on. The sub will see it and you will be done. Mission Accomplished.


Mission Debriefing:

            Team, you have succeeded in neutralizing Force Majeure and prevented certain disaster from striking the city of Seattle. Your valiant efforts have not only saved the lives of thousands of American citizens, but also helped send a clear warning to terrorists across the globe. By now they must certainly know that those who dare to threaten the civilized world will be pursued and taken down. As you have demonstrated here today, the Seals will not falter. Congratulations on successfully completing one of the most important missions any Fireteam has ever undertaken.



 ęCopyright Matt T.

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