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SOCOM II Weapons

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When SOCOM 3 is released be expecting a "SOCOM 3 Weapons Page". Dont worry ill still keep this weapons page up!
Here are weapons that you would find in SOCOM II. If theres some missing its because I havent gotten to find them yet, so they'll be there eventually.
If either bullets per clip or fire modes are missing it means im not 100% sure of the answer to it if your possitive what it is let me know.
If your looking for where I got these just click on the image and it will bring you there. Thanks.

The following weapons either dont exist or couldnt be found: TA 12 Gauge, SP-10, F57, MGL, and the SASR. If you know where I can find any of these please let me know! Also if you notice im missing one, let me know.

SOCOM 3 Weapons